k.patan photo Professor Krzysztof Patan, Ph.D., D.Sc.

I am with Institute of Control and Computation Engineering, University of Zielona Góra, Poland.

My research interests include artificial intelligence methods, especially dynamic neural networks, modelling of dynamic systems, model-based fault diagnosis, fault tolerant system design, global optimization methods and medical diagnosis.

Research interests:
  • stability and robustness of neral network model predictive control
  • fault tolerant control using state-space neural models,
  • fault tolerant control using linear parameter varying models,
  • deep neural networks in seizure classification.


Krzysztof Patan
e-mail: k.patan@issi.uz.zgora.pl

post address
Institute of Control and Computation Engineering
University of Zielona Góra
ul. Szafrana 2
65-246 Zielona Góra

building A-2, room 421
tel.: (068) 3282613